Walking & Hiking Products

Natural Chesnut Crook Handle Stick

Natural Grain Acacia Crook Handle Stick

Dark Swirl Acacia Crook Handle Stick

Bamboo Acacia Crook Handle Stick

Hazel with Bark Crook Handle Stick

Ash with Bark & Polished Handle Crook Handle Stick

Mahogany Derby Cane with Collar

Ringed Derby Cane

Medium Hazel Knob Stick

Maple with Hare Head Handle

Maple with Dog Head Handle

Maple with Duck Head Handle

Turned Maple Tippling Stick with Flask

Chesnut Hiker Lacquered Hiking Staff

Chesnut Thumb Stick Lacquered

Chestnut Thumb Stick with Bark

Chesnut Shepherds Crook

Staghorn Thumb Stick

Staghorn Crown Hiking Staff

Wood Top Wading Stick

Black & White Marble Folding Walking Stick

Bronze Folding Walking Stick

532 Hiking Pole Ski Handle

530 Hiking Pole Crutch Handle

Rubber Ferrules

MTM Survivor Dry Boxes