Torches and Accessories

Led Lenser SEO Headlamp Display Stand (Empty)

502126 Flex 3 Power Bank Plus by Ledlenser

502123 H15R Core by Ledlenser

502124 H19R Core by Ledlenser

502121 H5 Core Head Torch by Ledlenser

502121 H5R Core by Ledlenser

502197 H7R Signature by Ledlenser

Helmet Connecting Kit by Ledlenser

> WSL - Intelligence Pouch with Filters for P7 by Led Lenser

502577 K6R Key Ring Light by Ledlenser

500996 MH11 Rechargeable Head Torch 4 Colour Bluetooth

WSL - ML6 Rechargeable Lantern by Ledlenser

502201 ML6-WL Connect Lantern by Ledlenser

Magnetic Mount by Ledlenser

500843 MT10 by Ledlenser

Leather Pouch

500844 MT14 by Ledlenser

Remote Pressure Switch

Filters for MT18 Torch

> P5.2 LED Torch in Test-It Blister by Led Lenser - WSL

502517 P6QC Core by Ledlenser

502179 P6R Core Rechargeable Torch by Ledlenser

502181 P7R Core Rechargeable Torch by Ledlenser

502190 P7R Signature Rechargeable Torch by Ledlenser

502093 Powercase by Ledlenser

Police Tech Focus Torch by Led Lenser

T2QC Quad Colour Tactical Torch by Led Lenser

X21R Rechargeable LED Torch in Hard Case by Led Lenser

TFX Arcturus 5000 Torch

WSL - TFX Arcturus 6500 Torch

TFX Propus 1200 Torch

TFX Propus 3500 Torch

TFX Zosma 900 Torch

3.7082.3 Colour Filter Set for PL70/80 Torch by Walther

3.7070 Multi Charging Kit for PL60/70 HL11/17/31r

3.7087.1 Rechargeable Battery for XL7000R Torch

3.7078 Signal Cones Set of 2 for PL70/80 Torch by Walther

> ¬ 3.7075 Tripod Holder for Torches by Walther

3.7093 Pro GL1500R Torch by Walther

3.7092 HL31R Recharcheable Head Torch by Walther

3.7068 Pro PL75MC Four Colour Torch by Walther

3.7117 Pro PL75MC La Chasse Four Colour Torch by Walther

3.7066 Pro SL40 Torch by Walther

3.7067 Pro SL65 Torch by Walther

3.7099 Pro SL66r Torch by Walther

Universal Holster by Walther

*** Discontinued, D Cell Only *** Maglite Mount "c" Cell