Colt Single Action Army 45 Gold Pellet 5.5inch Peacemaker

This golden boy among the Colt Single Action Army Revolvers has more than good looks to recommend it. With cutting-edge CO2 technology between its simulated ivory grip plates and a rifled 5.5-inch barrel, it combines power and precision with each shot. This pellet-shooting replica of the famous “Peacemaker” is thus an absolute must-have for Western fans, recreational shooters and collectors who want to own the revolver with that special something.

Calibre4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Magazine capacity6 shot(s)
Velocity120 m/s
Energy< 7,5 Joule(s)
TriggerSingle Action
Length275 mm
Weight972 g
 Colt SAA .45 5.5" User Manual

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